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SMT New Website launched
Advanced GSM/GPRS Modem for Remote Metering Applications with EWM Series (2G & 2.5G).Utilising the latest Wavecom GSM chipset with in-SIM capability, the EWM100 is a robust GSM/GPRS modem specially developed for the smart metering market. The EWM100 is designed for highly reliable machine-to-machine communications, with very low standby power consumption.Additional info about EMW100 are High Performance,Low Power Consumption,Flexibility,Proven Reliability and AMI Ready.

Mk10E-Advanced Three Phase Electronic Revenue Meter built on the advanced Atlas metering platform, the Mk10E has a class 0.5S measurement engine with many enhancements including smart grid solutions, high data storage, data processing and enhanced communications capabilities.

Mk29 Advanced Single Phase Electronic Revenue Meter Built on the Abacus meterring platform, The Mk29 is a multi functional meter with advanced features, like extesive tamper detection, multi-tariff, neutral current measurement and a communication expansion port for RS-485, PLC or Low-PowerRF modules.
The Mk6N is an upgraded version of the highly acclaimed Mk6 Genius Energy Meter.This model divided into two options, which is as below:

1)Whole current, with current rating 10A-100A, Class 2

2)CT operated with current rating 5A/20A 0.5s, Class 1 and Class 2

Assessment / Audit
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Smart Meters Technologies (M)
Smart Meters Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd. (SMT) is a private limited company incorporated in October 1986. It is managed by dedicated professionals, each highly trained and skilled in various aspects of the metering industry. [ more ]

What is Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)?
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What is Smart Meter?
A smart meter is usually an electrical meter that records consumption of electric energy in intervals of an hour or less and communicates that information at least daily back to the utility for monitoring and billing purposes. [ more ]

New Mk10E meter produce by SMT

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NEW Web Site smt.com.my
New updates has been successful on September 2013
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